Chapter 23 - An Acquaintance

Cylor grew accustomed to his warm, comfortable room. Never had he expected to be so content with being under a human’s control. Were they all really so bad? All Alicia had done for him over the past few days was make sure he was happy, providing the best food he had ever tasted, the most comfortable bed, and a plethora of activities to keep him from being bored. 


Alicia left the room not too long ago, saying she would be right back as she had received a gift from a group of travelers. She seemed just as excited as the time she had received him as a “gift.”


This caught Cylor’s attention, was it another “Zinnal” like himself? He wasn’t sure if he enjoyed hearing himself and others being called that term yet, but it came from the mouth of Alicia daily and he felt himself growing somewhat accustomed to it.


Cylor wandered to the corner of the room where food and water lay out for him. He ate, then dragged himself to the window and pushed himself up to the window sill. He peered out. This was one thing he wasn’t sure he would ever get used to. The incredible view of a bustling, giant village. Everything in his gaze was bigger than he thought ever imaginable.


Towering structures spread out over the vast lands with various large species pulling humans here and there in large cages. Colorful banners hung around the city and every human looked so happy. A paradise? He longed to go out and join the other Higher Beings who intermingled with the humans, and according to Alicia, she planned to give him a tour of the city the next time her family spread their message.


He pressed his face against the glass, watching intently as the door behind him opened and startled him.


“Sealon! I’m back! I want to introduce you to our new friend!” Alicia shouted. At first, it confused Cylor to have a new name, but after a few days he heard it as interchangeable as his real name.


Cylor turned around and saw a fuzzy purple Higher Being, similar in color to himself. At the top of their ears, their skin merged with a yellow ring that hung off the backend of their ear tips. They walked on all fours and with each step toward Cylor, six ribbons seemed to move about from their backside. They stopped and waved their head back and forth, the rings on their ears clinking together while they smiled.



“This is a Bulnu. They are found in the faraway continent of Gandistar so I don’t think you have ever seen each other’s species before.” Alicia explained what species Cylor was while picking up the Bulnu. The Higher seemed to already know what a Dhasum was though from their expression. Alicia hopped onto her bed, stroking the tufts of fur all over the creature’s body.


“Sealon is your name, huh?” The Bulnu said.


Cylor shook his head. “You can call me Cylor.”


“Ah yes, human names for us are always fun. Wonder what she’s gonna choose mine to be. You can call me Bea.”


“Okay, Bea. I have to wonder, were you taken here against your will?” Cylor asked. Unlike him, he figured most would not be happy about being taken to their village to the castle.


“I guess, technically. But I’m glad for it. A Jakorin chased me into a large hole and wouldn’t let me leave, if I did I would become their food. That’s when the humans captured it, and then captured me too.” The Bulnu said as Alicia brushed their legs.


“Hmm, I’ve never heard of a Jakorin.”


“Be glad you haven’t. Now, I’m saved and get to live the peaceful life here in Zalakar, and not only that we get to be part of the Royal Family in Zalakar Castle. How’d we get so lucky? The land of the best food, or so I’m told.”


“Zalakar? That’s this village?” Cylor looked out the window at the intimidating buildings.


“Village? No. This is one of the world’s largest cities. The buildings out there span for such a long way, if we were to walk it would probably take five days from here to reach the other side.”


Cylor’s eyes narrowed. “That doesn’t seem right. How can anything be that big?”


“Where are you from?” The Bulnu scoffed.




“Never heard of it, so it must not be too important.”


Cylor paused for a moment. It was true, even he himself wondered at the importance of Jalla in the general scheme of things. No other species ever visited except for the same merchants who would make their rounds every month. But to him, that was the whole world. Just how far away from Jalla was he now?


“…Where are you from?” Cylor asked, even though he would have no idea of any location.


“Lantha, it’s in the center of Gandistar, I lived in a Zinnal City with a bunch of other Zinnals. About a fourth of them were Bulnu like me. I am curious how mixed cities live though. I’ve always wondered. You seem to be living an extraordinary life right now though.”


“Zinnals… So that is what we are called to everyone.” Cylor glanced around.


Bea broke into laughter. “Please, even though you look like a Dhasum, I can’t believe you know nothing. Every Dhasum I have ever met has been quite intelligent. Guess there are always outliers.”


“What do you mean by that?” Cylor clenched his tail.


“The Dhasums in my area are completely different to you in knowledge and appearance, instead of having a hand for a tail, they just have prongs that stick out. Some are different colors too. Never met one that knows as little as you though, but from a small unknown place like Jalla, I suppose you don’t get much information.”


“There are others of my kind out there?” Instead of taking offense he couldn’t help but wonder.


“…Yeah? All around the world there are variations of species. There are quite a few that only live in certain areas. Dhasum are common along beaches all over the world though.”


“Aw, how cute. I wish I could understand what you are saying to each other. All I hear are a bunch of squeaks.” Alicia scooted between the two creatures and leaned against the frame of her bed. “I don’t know if Bulnus are good at swimming… But maybe you and Sealon can spend time becoming friends in the giant pool.”


Bea looked at Cylor. “I can swim. Just not as well as you, I tend to float atop the water rather than enjoying immersing myself.”


Cylor shrugged. “That’s fine.”


“I still need to give you a name!” Alicia placed her hand on the Bulnu. “What should it be…” Alicia snapped her fingers. “I’ve got it!” She pointed to Bea “You will be Puffel.”


Bea’s eyes twitched. “What an awful name.”


“Aw, I’m glad you like it, Puffel!” Alicia smiled and embraced Bea for a hug.


“Yeah, Sealon isn’t too bad compared to that.” Cylor rolled over as Alicia reached for his belly and gave him a nice scratch.


“I should have expected such an unoriginal name as this, I hear there are a lot of other female Bulnus who get captured with similar ‘puff’ names.” Bea laughed it off. “I will definitely get used to this life though. This room alone is more comfortable than any place I’ve ever been given the opportunity to stay in.”


Alicia rose. “I’ll be right back. I’m going to bring some food for you two. Then maybe I can teach you some tricks later!”


“Tricks? Does she think we are like the Lessers?” Cylor said.


“Lessers?” Bea looked puzzled.